Logos and Cosmos: Studies in Greek Philosophy

Logos and CosmosThis book, like its predecessor Cosmos as Art Object, consists of a number of previously published articles on topics in classical Greek philosophy which I thought merited being collected into a single volume. Included are three pieces which originally appeared in Japanese, Russian and Brazilian journals, and are published for the first time in English.

Among the topics discussed are the question of methodology in the reading of Heraclitus; what sense can be made of the poem of Parmenides; an account of the myth of Plato’s Statesman in terms of its contribution to cosmological speculation; an outline of the defining features of mind-body dualism in the writings of Plato; and a revaluation of Platonic and Aristotelian functionalism in light of recent biological theory.

Academia Verlag, 2008.
236 pp. 14,8 × 21 cm. Hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-89665-456-4

Logos and Cosmos (ebook)