An Olympics of the Mind is
“inspired and inspiring…
lively, instructive, and

— Dr. Andreas Schwab,
Munich, Germany

About the Author

Thomas M. RobinsonThomas M. Robinson is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Classics at the University of Toronto. In addition to his scholarly publications, he is the author of The Other Olympians, a volume of eighteen plays dramatizing the lives and works of the central actors of the golden age of 5th and 4th century BCE Greece. Several of these plays have been translated and published in other languages (three in Modern Greek, 2013; three in Chinese, 2014; and three others in Russian, 2018).

Thomas M. Robinson holds honorary doctorates in Humane Letters (The University of Athens, 2001) and in Sacred Letters (University of Trinity College in the University of Toronto, 2008). He has authored nine books, including Plato’s Psychology, which was designated by the University of Toronto Press as one of the one hundred ‘most influential and important’ books it had published in the twentieth century; edited or co-edited a dozen other works; published more than a hundred articles in various academic journals; and delivered more than two hundred lectures to academic audiences around the world. In 1998 he was a recipient of the Aristotle Award, an honour bestowed by the government of Greece on non-Greek nationals for significant contributions to our understanding of Greek thought and culture.

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Book coverThe Other Olympians: Philosophers and Poets at the Ancient Greek Games

By Thomas M. Robinson

In The Other Olympians I have dramatized, in fifteen plays, the putative meeting of a series of notable philosophers, poets, dramatists, politicians, historians and others at various Olympic Games held between the years 476 and 348 BCE. Here, over three evenings (dramatized as the three Acts of each play), those imagined to be present on any particular occasion leave the physical Games behind for a while, and engage in their own Olympics of the Mind.

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